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    Desert After Rain

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    Track List:
    1. Things I Left Behind (Petty) 4:25 MP3
    2. Crime Scene Ribbon (Petty) 4:17 MP3
    3. Desert After Rain (Petty) 4:16 MP3
    4. Biker Night (Petty, Walker) 4:41 MP3
    5. Wide Open (Jordan) 4:36 MP3
    6. Can I Call You A Cab? (Petty) 4:01 MP3
    7. Coming Home (Jordan) 4:52 MP3
    8. The Sight Of You (Petty) 3:16 MP3
    9. Snowglobes (Petty, Jordan) 3:37 MP3
    10. Hooked Up (Petty, Jordan, Walker, Cross) 3:55 MP3
    11. In The Strings (Petty) 4:04 MP3

    Released: November 14, 2006

    Label: Minibar Music, Inc.

    Liner Notes: Simon Petty: vocals, acoustic guitar
    Sid Jordan: bass, vocals, piano
    Tim Walker: electric guitar, vocals, pedal steel
    Malcolm Cross: drums, vocals, keyboards

    All songs written, arranged & performed by Minibar (ASCAP)
    All masters and publishing owned by Minibar

    Additional keys on "Wide Open" and "Can I Call You A Cab?" by Rami Jaffee
    Additional keys and quirks on "Desert After Rain" by Seth Rothschild

    Management by Robert Starks, Los Angeles, CA

    Minibar play Fender, Gretsch, Martin and Gibson Guitars, use Mapex drums, Zildjian cymbals & sticks, Peavey amps, D'addario strings and Pedaltrain pedalboards

    Produced by Minibar with help from Evan Frankfort
    Engineered by Evan Frankfort, Luke Adams, Elan Trujillo
    Mixed & Mastered by Sid Jordan

    Recorded at Would Work Studios, North Hollywood and El Dorado, Burbank

    Design by Paver ©2006 All Rights Reserved.
    Art Direction & Design by Brett Bolander, Production by Joel Miller (
    Traditional lithographs by Brett Bolander ©2006 All Rights Reserved
    Photography by Jim Wright (

    Thanks for helping us make this record: Evan & Lori Frankfort, Robert Starks, Brett Bolander, Jim Wright, Rami Jaffee, Seth Rothschild

    Thanks for the unending support: Emilie Cross, Leah Petty, Melissa Ingram, Jessica Dasch, Kathy Goforth, Ears & Ben Walker, Ian Friendman, Darrin Tehrani, Heidi Ferguson, Alisa Cohen, Pete Yorn, John Ferrante, Tricia Halloran, Jeff Kaye, Nic Harcourt, Ariana Morgenstern, Chris Morris, David McGrath, Alex Perez, Chris Thomas, Matt Ferguson, Ladd Temple, John Chandler, John Ferrante at FPE, Jeff Ivester, Joe Hibbs and everyone at Mapex USA, Kirsten Matt at Zildjian West, the Saint, Brian Cometta, Daniel McCoy, Bill "Superfan" Lawson (RIP), Louise Capone, all our faithful fans, and especially to all our friends & family on both sides of the Atlantic, without whom none of this would be possible.

    Fly Below The Radar


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    Track List:

    1. It Is What It Is (Petty) 4:23 MP3
    2. Unstoppable (Petty) 4:12 MP3
    3. New Mexico (Petty) 5:12 MP3
    4. Breathe Easy (Jordan) 4:16 MP3
    5. Mill Smoke Black (Petty) 5:05 MP3
    6. Somebody Down Here Loves You (Petty, Jordan) 4:12 MP3
    7. Martha (Jordan) 3:52 MP3
    8. Fly Below The Radar (Petty) 3:04 MP3
    9. Badlands (Petty, Walker) 4:24 MP3
    10. Fragile (Petty) 5:04 MP3
    11. Snake Buckle Belt (Petty) 5:01 MP3

    Limited Edition Bonus CD

    1. Fly Below The Radar (Petty) Live from KCRW 3:09
    2. New Mexico (Petty) Live from KCRW 5:21
    3. Unstoppable (Petty) Live from KCRW 3:54
    4. Thanks (Petty) Studio track 3:19 MP3
    5. Ask (Marr, Morrissey) Live from Rocco Gioffre's loft 3:13

    Released: June 10, 2003

    Label: Foodchain Records

    Liner Notes: All songs written, arranged and performed by Minibar

    1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11 by Simon Petty
    4 and 7 by Sid Jordan
    6 by Simon Petty and Sid Jordan
    9 by Simon Petty and Tim Walker

    Simon Petty: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    Sid Jordan: Bass, Vocals, Accordion, Harmonium
    Tim Walker: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Pedal Steel
    Malcolm Cross: Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Tack Piano

    Additional keys on 2, 4, 8, 9 and 10 by Rami Jaffee

    1, 3 and 6 Produced and mixed by Dusty Wakeman
    Recorded by John De Baun

    2, 4 and 8 Produced by Rami Jaffee and Greg Richling
    Recorded and mixed by Bob Salcedo

    5 Mixed and Produced by Sid Jordan
    Recorded by Sid Jordan and Bob Salcedo

    7 Produced and Mixed by Sid Jordan
    Recorded by Sid Jordan and Malcolm Cross

    9 Produced by Sid Jordan
    Recorded and Mixed by Sid Jordan and Bob Salcedo

    10 Produced by Rami Jaffee
    Recorded and Mixed by Bob Salcedo

    11 Produced and Mixed by Sid Jordan
    Recorded by Sid Jordan and Simon Petty

    Original Loop on Track 3 Recorded by Marc Dauer

    Pre-production on Tracks 3 and 6 by Marc Dauer

    Recorded at Chicasa: (2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10)
    Mad Dog Studios: (1, 3, 6)
    The Band Apartment: (5, 7, 9, 11)
    Sunset Sound: (4, 8)
    The Clinic: (3)

    Mastered by Sid Jordan

    Minibar plays Gibson and Fender guitars, uses Peavey amplifiers and D'Addario strings.

    Mal plays Mapex drums and Zildjian cymbals and sticks.

    Thanks for helping to make this record:

    David Andreone, Jennifer Andreone, Brett Bolander, Jeff Conroy, Marc Dauer, John De Baun, Ian Friedman, Rami Jaffee, Gavin Lurssen, Scott Milano, Brad Miller, Greg Richling, Bob Salcedo, Robert Starks, Michael Taub and Dusty Wakeman

    Thank you for the unending support:

    Nicola Barker, Jack Barry, Lisa Bisset, Jon Brion, Peter Brook, Nicholas Brown, Alisa Cohen, Tim Craig, Doug D'arcy, Pamela Des Barres, Risa Dauer, Michelle Downey, Matt Ferguson, John Ferrante, Mick Frangou, Heidi Ferguson, Flanagan, Martine Gallie, Rocco Gioffre, Kathy Goforth, Tricia Halloran, Nic Harcourt, Margo Hood, Alicia Jaffee, Gary Jules, Jeff Kaye, James Knight, Christine Long, Dick Markus, Diana Martinez, Kirsten Matt, Paul McMenamin, Ariana Morgenstern, Asia Minor, Shilah Morrow, Amy O'Neill, Ben Peeler, Alex Perez, Joey Peters, Frank Riley, Seth Rothschild, Terry Southern, Jerry Stellar, Steve and Michelle Tagliere, Darrin Tehrani, Ladd Temple, Lori Tesoro, James Thomas, Ben Thompson, Seamus Tierny, T the G, Ben Walker, Richard Walker, The Wallflowers, Wendy Whiteside, Lucinda Williams, Pete Yorn, everyone at ASCAP and everyone at Renee's.

    Love and thanks to our families and friends who have suffered us over the years.

    All songs WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) & Minibar Music Inc (ASCAP). All right on behalf of itself and Minibar Music administered by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)

    US Management: Robert Starks
    Booking Info: Frank Riley at High Road Touring
    Legal Representation: Ian J Friedman, Esq.
    Photography: Brad Miller (
    Graphic Design: Brett Bolander at PAVER (
    Original Cover Intaglio Print: Malcolm Cross & Brett Bolander

    © 2003 Foodchain Records
    © 2002 Minibar. Under exclusive license to Foodchain Records.
    8490 Sunset Blvd, Suite 504, West Hollywood, CA 90069
    All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws

    Bonus CD Liner Notes

    Tracks 1-3 Recorded and broadcast live in Los Angeles on 89.9 KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt on October 15, 2002. The session/track was engineered and mixed by Ray Guarna. Morning Becomes Eclectic is produced by Ariana Morgenstern. Listen to

    Track 4 Recorded by Bob Salcedo at Chicasa. Mixed by Sid Jordan. Produced by Rami Jaffee.

    Track 5 Recorded live in Rocco Gioffre's loft by Terry Southern at a Jack Barry happening.

    Tracks 1-4 (Petty) WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) & Minibar Music (ASCAP) All rights on behalf of itself and Minibar Music administered by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)

    Track 5 (Marr/Morrissey) Bona Relations, Ltd. (PRS)/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)/Marr Songs Ltd. (PRS). All rights on behalf of Marr Songs Ltd. administered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)

    Making-of Notes:

    • Mar 2003: Minibar signs with Foodchain Records and announces plans to release their new full length CD, Fly Below the Radar, on June 10.
    • Jun 2002: The band begins selling The Unstoppable e.p. which includes 5 previously unreleased tracks, "Unstoppable", "It Is What It Is", "Breathe Easy", "Fly Below the Radar", and "Badlands". See Discography for details.
    • May 2002: "Unstoppable" will appear on the debut Trampoline Records compilation, due in September 2002. See Trampoline Records for details.

    Comments from the band

    • Simon: "I don't think it's a huge departure. Maybe it's a little less alt-country than the first record, if that's how people found that. There are more influences on this album. The harmonies still stack up West Coast-style, but the music nods more to our British roots."
      (LA Times, Mar 06, 2003)

    • Simon: "We're getting our new album together, recording and releasing it as soon as possible." (E! Online, Nov 07, 2001)

    • Malcolm: "I'd say the new stuff is a bit darker, a bit more personal than Road Movies, but still with some great tunes!" (Jan 18, 2002)

    • Simon on the Chicasa sessions: "Rami, Greg and Bob are a joy to work with, and it just sounds so good... I want it to go on forever." (Feb 01, 2002)

    • Sid: "We're getting a little closer to deciding on a track listing for our new album (tentatively entitled LOOK OUT - IT'S MINIBAR.) Here are some we're rather proud of, in no particular order; 'Fly Below the Radar', 'Unstoppable', 'Breathe Easy', 'Badlands', 'Somebody Down Here Loves You' (YOU, YOU not ME!!), 'Fragile', 'Mill Smoke Black', 'New Way to Say It', 'It Is What It Is', 'Stoner Space Rock Jam(in E)', 'Thanks', 'New Mexico', 'Snakebuckle Belt' and 'Martha'. We'll be playing some if not all of these at a venue near you soon (as long as you live near us) and we WELCOME your comments vis a vis whether you dig 'em (or not.)

      It's time for a new paragraph. Being aware of having been stared in the face by potential insurrection, disbelief, bewilderment and indeed widespread interest, we can finally reveal that our celebrity production team is none other than our good friends (drumroll please...) Rami Jaffee and Greg Richling of the Wallflowers! Pretty cool huh. (if you don't know about the sheer magnificence of Sir J, we recommend that you check out Bob Salcedo is engineering and he rules too." (Official Site, Mar 02, 2002)

    • Simon: ""I hope the listener is pulled around a little bit...I hope there's a little journey within the album." (LA Music, June 2003)

    Comments from others

    • Rami Jaffee (co-producer): "It's sounding amazing! The few songs we're doin' are the best they've ever done!" (Feb 01, 2002)

    • Greg Richling (co-producer): "Rami is busy finishing some extra work with Minibar and preparing the Trampoline comp. The songs we did with Minibar turned out amazing. What a band!" (Mar 08, 2002)

    • Greg Richling (co-producer): "Rami and I produced a few songs with Minibar. Rami is currently finishing some new songs with them on his own. The rest will be produced by Minibar and some other folks they know. I'm not sure when it will be released." (Mar 11, 2002)

    Information by song

    It Is What It Is
    • "The verses are full of anxiety and confusion," he says, "and a struggling to make sense of emotional difficulties. It's kind of an insomnia theme, but the chorus is a blissed out English version of a Zen-like sense of acceptance--sometimes it's good to go 'it's okay, it is what it is.'" (Official Biography, May 2003)
    • Homage to Gram Parsons after the band's visit to Parsons' beloved Joshua Tree. Petty recalls, "Tim played the beautiful riff he'd written for hours with Sid, and I wrote the words a few days later. It's a song of yearning for some kind of spiritual peace, whilst being aware of the dangers that lie in searching for it." (Official Biography, May 2003)
    • Music written by Tim, taught to the band "round a campfire under the stars in Joshua Tree." (Malcolm, Jan 18, 2002)
    Mill Smoke Black
    • Simon: "I'm really happy with 'Mill Smoke Black.' I grew up in East Manchester, where everything is still covered with soot from the Victorian era. People are always asking us where we're from, and I no longer know. I can't go back to Manchester; it's not even there anymore." (E! Online, Nov 07, 2001)
    • Simon: "When growing up in East Manchester I yearned to get away. One day I found I'd come a long way away from there." (Official Biography, May 2003)
    • Simon: "We've re-recorded 'Unstoppable' from scratch, and it is honestly the best thing we have ever done, sweeping strings, honky-tonk pianos, three drum kits, 14 guitar tracks etc." (Feb 01, 2002)
    • "But the song he's most proud of musically is 'Unstoppable', a love song that 'recognizes it doesn't come easy. I really love the chord structure in that one (smiling).' (Simon, LA Music, June 2003)
    New Mexico
    • The dusty slow-country shuffle of "New Mexico" contemplates "enforced distance and the romantic luxury of missing someone" says Petty. (Official Biography, May 2003)
    • New Mexico "uses the geography of America to show wanting to get lost, because it's so huge, and also wanting to define yourself by the nature of the landscape and the way you find yourself in it." (Simon, LA Music, June 2003)
    • Sid: "It's essentially about a messed-up relationship, between a married couple, based on the play 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.'" (Official Biography, May 2003)
    Snake Buckle Belt
    • "He references 'Snake Buckle Belt' as the most autobiographical song on the album, and his personal favorite. 'It puts me in a good place.'" (Simon, LA Music, June 2003)

    The Unstoppable e.p.

    Track List:
    1. Unstoppable (Petty) 4:10
    2. It Is What It Is (Petty) 4:20
    3. Breathe Easy (Jordan) 4:11
    4. Fly Below The Radar (Petty) 3:09
    5. Badlands (Petty, Walker) 4:29

    Released: June 2002

    Label: Minibar Music Inc

    Liner Notes:

      Tracks 1, 2 and 4 written by Simon Petty. Track 5 written by Simon Petty and Tim Walker. Track 3 written by Sid Jordan. Tracks 1, 3 and 4 recorded and mixed by Bob Salcedo, produced by Rami Jaffee and Greg Richling. Track 2 recorded by John Debaun, produced and mixed by Dusty Wakeman. Track 5 recorded and mixed by Sid Jordan and Bob Salcedo, produced by Sid Jordan. Additional recording at Chicasa. Tracks (1,3,4,5) recorded at Chicasa, Track (2) Mad Dog Studios, Track(3,4) Sunset Sound, Track(5) The Band Apartment. Guest keyboards on 1,3 and 5 Rami Jaffee. Tracks 1,3,4 mastered at the Mastering Lab, LA by Gavin Lurssen

    Register for our mailing list:

    Fan news at:

    (p) & (c) 2002 MINIBAR MUSIC INC
    (c) 2002 Warner/Chappell Music (ASCAP), Minibar Music (ASCAP) All rights reserved.

    Layout: SPINE. Photography: Christine Lozano. Painting: Malcolm Cross.

    Road Movies

    UNIR 440 013 671-2
    Track List:
    1. Holiday From Myself (Petty) 3:10
    2. Choked Up (Adams) 3:00
    3. I Know Without Asking (Petty, Jordan) 3:57
    4. Lost in the Details (Petty) 4:53
    5. Road Movies (Petty) 5:14
    6. Retrospect (Petty, Jordan, Walker) 3:06
    7. Six Foot (Petty, Jordan) 5:17
    8. Sheer Volume of Traffic (Petty) 4:49
    9. Cool Water (Petty) 4:07
    10. Visible From Space (Petty) 3:55
    11. So Long Soho (Petty) 6:30


      Simon Petty
      Vocals, Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Hand Bells

      Tim Walker
      Guitars (Acoustic & Electric), Pedal Steel, Nylon String, Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals

      Sid Jordan
      Bass, Piano, Hand Bells, Harmonica, Leslie, Vocals

      Malcolm Cross
      Drums, Percussion, Piano, Hammond B3, Hand Bells, Marimba, Vocals

    Released: April 10, 2001

    Label: Cherry/Universal

    Liner Notes:

      Produced by T Bone Burnett
      Engineered by Rick Will
      Except for "Holiday From Myself" Engineered by Neal Avron

      Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11 Mixed by Rick Will
      Tracks 3, 5, 10 Mixed by Eric Sarafin
      Track 1 Mixed by Neal Avron

      All songs written and arranged by Simon Petty and Minibar
      Minibar Music (ASCAP) ©2001 Copyright Control.
      All Rights Reserved. Except "CHOKED UP" written by
      Ryan Adams ©2000 Barland Music (BMI)
      administered by Bug. All Rights Reserved.
      Used By Permission.

      For Information please write to:

      PO BOX 470
      CA 90078

      Recorded at Village Recorder, Los Angeles CA and Sunset Sound, Hollywood CA. Mixed at The Village Recorder, Sunset Sound, Cello Studios, Hollywood CA, and Encore Studios, Burbank CA. Additional engineers: Christine Sirois, Pete Martinez, Mike Piersante. Digiital Editor Dave Holdridge. Assistant Engineers Kevin Dean, Geoff Walcha, Daniel S McCoy. Mastered at the Mastering Lab, Los Angeles CA by Gavin Lurssen. Management by Robert Starks and Dave Manders. Legal Representation (UK) Statham Gill Davies. Booking Agent Frank Riley at Monterey Peninsula Artists.

      Minibar would like to thank: T Bone Burnett, Rick Will, Neal Avron, Eric Sarafin, Christine Sirois, Pete Martinez, Mike Piersante, Dave Holdridge, Kevin Dean, Geoff Walcha, Daniel S McCoy, Gavin Lurssen, Robert Starks, Dave Manders, Mick Frangou and Martine Gallie, Suzanne & Gil Gilfillan and everybody and GLR, Phill Jupitus, Paul Crowder, Zeus Alvarez, Ross Garfield, Kirsten Matt, Josh Touchton, Jeff Greenberg and everyone at the Village Recorder, Torin Bryan, Lynn Taylor, Shari Simonson, David Baerwald, Jeff Peters, Ted Hutt, Jackie Simms, Jeff Kaye and Jackie Ralston, Trevor Robinson, John Statham and Lawrence Engel, Ryan Adams, Frank Riley, Murray Hume, Tim Craig, Ben Thompson and Nicola Barker, Lamaan Kamal, Ben and Richard Walker, Julian Standen, Doug D'Arcy, Nick Tesco, Peter Haefner, Tom Bridgewater, Mark Rogers, Matthew Welch, Paul McMenamin, Brett Bolander, Gareth Ryan at shellshock UK, Alex Perez and Jamie Crompton, Hannah Cooper, P.J. Smith, Darrin Tehrani, Christine Lozano, Nicole Jones, Marvin Etzioni, Mark Dauer, Brian Schall, Charlie Dilks.

      Love and thanks to our families and friends who have suffered us over the years.

      CD package produced by SPINE. Art Direction: Paul McMenamin.
      Design: Brett Bolander. Photography: Matthew Welch.

    Promotional Releases

    Road Movies 3-song sampler CD
    UNIR 20519-2
    Track List:

    1. Holiday From Myself (Rock Re-mix)(Petty) 3:13
    2. Choked Up (Adams) 3:00
    3. Six Foot (Petty, Jordan) 5:17

    Liner Notes:

      Sticker reads If you dig Whiskeytown...Check out Minibar -- "Road Movies" In Stores Now! Featuring "Holiday From Myself" & "Choked Up" [by Ryan Adams]

      "Holiday From Myself" (Rock Re-mix) Engineered by Neal Avron. Mixed by Toby Wright. Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at The Mastering Lab, Inc.

    "Holiday From Myself" promo CD single
    UNIR 20392-2
    Track List:

    1. Holiday From Myself (Petty) 3:10

    Liner Notes:

      Written by Minibar
      Produced by T Bone Burnett

      Minibar are a four-piece band from London who project a vibe that brings to mind the American heartland. The band's debut album, Road Movies, was produced by the legendary T Bone Burnett, best known for his work with The Wallflowers and Counting Crows.

      Road Movies will be released on Cherry Entertainment/Universal Records on March 20th.


    Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
    UNIR 14713-2

      Track List:
        7. Choked Up Minibar

      Liner Notes:

        This is an Enhanced CD which contains regular audio tracks, multimedia computer files, and provides a link to the artist's website.

        Includes liner notes by film director Kevin Smith.

    Earlier Releases/Rarities:

    Em One (Feb. 1997)

    Writing and music compilation (cassette), included on Side A:

    • The Secret Life of Benny Hill

    Liner Notes:

      Em Writing & Music is a new publication dedicated to promoting progressive new writing, new music and graphic art. Each issue consists of a paperback packed full of new writing, with a free tape (or CD, in the case of em three) of new music from original and exciting new acts on the circuit.

      Editor/publisher Karl Sinfield's notes on "The Secret Life of Benny Hill": "Unbelievable tune. Utterly addictive. Better than sex, and longer lasting, at two and a half minutes. If I ever get a song half this good again, I'll be the happiest small-press publisher in the world. With the possible exception of Rupert Murdoch."

      For more on this and other Em Writing & Music projects, visit Em Writing and Music online.

    Click to view larger image in a pop-up window.

    Black Volcanic Sand 7" single (1997)

    Distributed by Shellshock

      a. Black Volcanic Sand (Petty) 4:21
      b. Blacktop (Petty) 4:02

    Liner Notes:

      vocals, guitars, Simon Petty
      electric bass, backing vocals, Sid Jordan
      guitars, backing vocals, Tim Walker
      drums, Mick Frangou

      all songs written by Simon Petty

      recorded at Alchemea Studios, London, England
      except "blacktop" which was recorded in Tim's bedroom

      engineered by Mick Nicholson, Nuno Couto & Dan Harvey
      mastered by Andy Green for CD Copying, London
      photography Neil Setchfield
      design Graham Mansfield for Mann Design

      thanks to Martine Gallie, Andy Green, Phill Jupitus, Suzanne Gilfillan, Graham Mansfield, Neil Setchfield, Julian Standen, Daren Catlin & Nicky Tesco

      publishing & © Minibar 1997

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