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Dec 18 02 Burritos and Peanut M&M's all around...Lil' Timmy Chuzzler celebrated his birthday last week. (This year's birthday gift: We didn't post the baby photos.) Happy Birthday Tim!

Not only was Minibar's name dropped on MTV2 this week (thanks Rami!), but fans in the LA, Orange, and Coachella County areas can tune in to KOCE TV at 11 p.m. Saturday to watch Minibar's performance from KCRW's September Unsigned Indies Concert.

There's still time for live 'Bar this year too. The band plays diPiazza's on Thursday and will ring in the new year at the Daily Pint. Check Upcoming Dates for all your social planning. Happy Holidays!

••• Alisa

Nov 28 02 'Tis the season!

A friendly tip from the Minibar family: Beware of Sid's Thanksgiving stuffing, should the recipe involve mushrooms.

Thirsty for a fabulous review? Americana UK cleverly asserts that The Unstoppable EP offers "refreshment solutions" appropriate for their name. The reviewer dabbles in controversy by crowning "the best song that Minibar have ever done" and then explains why the disc will "turn you into a gibbering wreck" upon listening. We heart Americana UK.

BE MERRY (i.e. go see Minibar)
As the Santa Ana winds continue to twirl their positive ions across Los Angeles, so does the fierce and unpredictable Minibar. Next week, the band returns to Largo Pub (Dec 03 02) with special guests in tow, says Flanny. The following week will find Minibar at Spaceland (Dec 12 02) for the Benefit for the Garden Co-Op Nursery School, also featuring Shurman, Jim Lauderdale, and the Sweethearts Of The Rodeo All-Stars. Frequent the Upcoming Dates to see where else they're playing all their reindeer games.

Simon - Nothing remotely horse-related, Tetley Tea, rent money
Tim - Peanut M&M's, ear muffs (large), rent money
Sid - Bushmills, Hasselhoff's new book "The Minibar & Me", rent money
Malcolm - P.G. Tips, Aussie science fiction for kids, rent money

••• Heidi

Nov 12 02 Fall was good to Minibar and MinibarFans alike as the Brits showered the states with their infectious brand of musicianship and personality. Photographer Neil Motteram, aka Mr. Dodgy, captures their wicked side with photos from San Francisco's Red Devil Lounge (Sep 05 02). Upping the ante, KCRW 89.9 (Oct 15 02) posts a video of Minibar's visit to their studios. Watch the interview and seven song set, including three unreleased surprises.

"Modest, good-humored, sensitive, and gregarious": We'll let you decide which 'bar is which. In this vivid Rockzilla review, William Pugatch shares a taste of the Gingerbar/Minisol tourstop at Casbeers (Sep 13 02), and his perspective on The Unstoppable E.P. Scott Dudelson recounts the finale of Minibar's residency at Largo Pub (Aug 27 02) by describing the band's trademark synergy of "beautiful harmonies to their tight instrumental interplay" in his Music Connection report.

Clearly, the Sunset Strip's House of Blues (Oct 29 02) was the place to be for pre-Halloween treats. Tramp Rock May Roll Your Way delights in pictures and press from the Trampoline Records Revue.

This week, Minibar plays Largo in L.A. and diPiazza's in L.B; check Upcoming Dates for details. See you when we get there.

••• Alisa

Sep 07 02 Congratulations to Minibar on their second annual New Times LA Music Awards nomination! Show the guys that Somebody Down Here Loves them by turning in your obvious vote for Best Local Roots/Folk/Country Artist(s).

Get your tramp on: Trampoline Records Greatest Hits Vol. 1 is now available at all Barnes & Noble stores and online Jump around the Trampoline Records website for more details; While you're there, post in the Minibar Message Forum and send a Minibar Music Gram to 29 of your closest friends.

Last week, the band took part in the inaugural Trampoline Records Revue at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Minibar, introduced by Pete Yorn as one of his "favorite bands," delighted the sweaty venue with tunes from Road Movies, The Unstoppable EP and their forthcoming album. The 'Barmen also sat in with the Jukebox Junkies, Phil Cody, and Gingersol. The highlight was the all-star finale on the congested stage with Minibar, the Head Tramps, and other assorted Trampoline artists. Tramps Out In Full-Force relives the event, pictures and all.

Did somebody say pictures? Sessa produces some brilliant Concert Photos from the Red Devil Lounge (Sep 05 02) in San Francisco. That was the last show before the band departs for their next road movie: two straight weeks with fellow tramps, Gingersol, on a cross-country tour. See Upcoming Dates and catch them if you can.

••• Heidi

Jul 22 02 Happy Birthday, Malcolm! You're wished a Totally Cosmic Musical Adventure today and everyday.

Minibar's new CD, The Unstoppable EP has been ranked among the Top Sellers at Miles of Music ever since its release. Debuting at number 7 last week (Jun 04 02), the EP now owns the number 2 slot (Jun 11 02) and is threatening to climb to the top next week. MoM concludes that the band is "Poised for success; unstoppable indeed." Purchase your copy of The Unstoppable EP today.

Dodgy rock'n'roll photographer Neil Motteram doles out some captivating concert imagery from Slims (Jun 25 02).

In a surprise move by Minibar offense, Sid will be taking the wheel of the Mini Bus on the road this Fall, as he evidently received his California driver's license. Upon hearing the news, he issued only this statement: "Me!"

••• Heidi

Jul 08 02 Minibar Fans worldwide can breathe more easily: The Unstoppable EP is available for purchase online through Miles of Music. Here is your chance to get a taste of Sid's production prowess, Tim's spooky songwriting, Mal's amazing artistry, and Simon's masterful moodiness. You held out for years for something unstoppable...believe that it's here.

"We're having a party all the time, and you're welcome to come over!" exclaims co-producer and head tramp, Rami Jaffee, in a new E! Online music scoop column that gives special mention to the "melodic Minibar." Sign up for the Trampoline Records email list to receive updates on the exciting new venture and the highly anticipated September release.

In the midst of a well-received EP and Trampoline hoopla, E! Online also reminds us of the "tight Brit songcraft" unearthed on Road Movies. Minibar is the "real deal." Read the recently added Review and catch the wave of nostalgia.

In Upcoming Dates: Clear your calendar for Tuesdays in August while Minibar conquers Fairfax with their Largo residency.

Celebrate's first birthday! In honor of the monumental occasion, we debut "I Make the Rules of the Games I Play" for hours of endless 'Bar-style entertainment. Kick Lil' Timmy Chuzzler out of the driver's seat and steer the Mini Bus to a Very Important Gig in the Mini Maze, raid the SoundSquared minibar, and brave the HSX Artistocks™ market by investing in MINIB for the long term. No cheese knowledge necessary.

••• Alisa

Jul 02 02 Panic on the streets of MinibarFans ... the Galleries are being reorganized! That is to say that should one venture into them the way one might have in the past, one might unwittingly experience some weirdness or at least a moment of confusion. Have no fear, we're sorting it all out. Meanwhile, a few photos from Slim's (Jun 25 02) are on display in Concert Photos.

Discover The Unstoppable EP word-for-word in Song Lyrics. (Here we feel compelled to point out that we now fully realize that Sid would have never penned a grammatically offensive chorus. Then again, he did write "Supertanker" which we're told is offensive in other ways. Just ask him.)

••• Heidi

Jun 25 02 Hot off the press: Celeste Moure spotlights Minibar in an interview with Simon, whose loose lips reveal the record label low-down, some guilty pleasures, and how it feels to be Yorned again. Read on for the entire Atomic Life feature. Also Neal Weiss of Launch sheds some light on the upcoming Trampoline Records compilation and the new e.p. from Minibar (see Discography).

Feast your hungry eyes on the barrage of photos we've recently added! Our favourite engineer sends a photo from Chicasa Studios in Assorted Photos, a spirited Petaluma snapshot livens up Fan Pictures, and our friend Bryson Jones shares some lovely visuals from the most recent Sweethearts of the Rodeo night at Molly Malone's. In Concert Photos, the Yorn tour furnished some brilliantly lit pictures from the imposing and impenetrable Warfield (Jun 13 02) in San Francisco. The subsequent gig at Largo Pub (Jun 18 02) was a divine treat--Minibar shared the intimate stage with special guest Ben Peeler, and Malcolm expanded his mad percussive workout to the house piano on "Cool Water". Check Past Dates for detailed setlists and all that good stuff.

Our love and thanks to the band and all the friends we lost in crowded bars while we were in town. So Long So Cal...

••• Alisa and Heidi

Jun 16 02 Coming to you live from Chuzzletown, proof that Minibar news is as unstoppable as The Unstoppable EP. Currently only available at their live shows, the new CD includes 5 previously unreleased tracks, "Unstoppable", "It Is What It Is", "Breathe Easy", "Fly Below the Radar", and "Badlands". The EP has already received its radio debut care of Nic Harcourt at KCRW. Request your favorite new Minibar song by email or phone 310/450-5183. Liner notes and other details can be found in the Discography. It is beautiful, that's what it is.

Playing to sold out audiences in Santa Ana and Los Angeles, the west coast run of the Pete Yorn tour culminated with an all-star Beatles encore featuring all of the bands on the bill and special guests Rami Jaffee and Ben Peeler. Show particulars can be found in Past Dates.

Assuming Tim isn't still hiding the keys to the van and Sid's recent film debut hasn't gone to his head, Minibar will play Largo on Tuesday.

••• Room 1511

May 16 02 Happy Birthday to our long-fringed frontman, Simon Petty!

Here's your chance to view Minibar on the big screen! And performing directly in front of it, too. The band's recent tour stop at the old Mystic Theatre in Petaluma was captured for posterity in Concert Photos and Past Dates.

Not only did Em Writing & Music manage to spot greatness years ago on their Em One compilation, they've also spotted our "most excellent" website, and linked to us too. By the way, we're always grateful to learn fine British exclamations such as "Sod it!"

The band has spent much of the past few weeks gigging with a vengeance, their freshly renewed visas in tow. They've also been hard at work pondering a title for the new record. Actually, Tim's mostly just distracted by the new M&M colour campaign and his father's extensive photo collection...

Until next time, check Upcoming Dates and be there.

••• Heidi

May 07 02 Temperatures are heating up, and it's a fine time to start planning your summer road trips around Minibar's schedule! High Road Touring announces their availability in Spring/Summer of 2002, while the band boards the Mini Bus for more California adventures. On Wednesday, listeners worldwide can tune into K-beach's mid-day radio program "The Eliminator" for an hour-long visit by Simon and Sid. Then, Solana Beach's Belly Up Tavern and its surrounding taquerias play host to the 'Bar once again. On their way up the coast to historic downtown Petaluma, another radio station beckons as the band makes an appearance on "Gaby's UnKnown Show" in Hayward. The month of June promises some Trampoline fun, with a few or more opening slots on Pete Yorn's tour being filled by Minibar and the Jukebox Junkies, all of whom are slated to appear on the label's debut CD. Find more information in Upcoming Dates, and check Past Dates for setlists and performance details as they become available.

A splendid review delivered by Comes with a Smile speculates that Road Movies is "authentic... often wistful... offering both hope and optimism." It seems the same can also be said of Minibar. Having first seen the band in the UK, contributor Geraint Jones finds the debut ultimately realizes his initial notion. "They have a common vision which has gelled into something of genuine quality that's built to last." Further press excavation has turned up some small mentions in the UK's music biz publication The Tip Sheet, and an appropriately located write-up at Not Lame Recordings.

Which member of the band most needs a haircut? Just who is Scooby Two Beers? How does one engage in the chuzzling process? These are just a few of the questions that the Yahoo! MinibarFanlist dares to ask. Sign yourself up to receive Minibar event reminders and other delightful surprises by email.

Sid's Crossword progress report: quite possibly 7 correct answers

••• Heidi

Apr 20 02 What do Aimee Mann, Brian Wilson, and Bruce Hornsby have to do with Minibar? A March 2002 Interview with Americana UK answers that question while indulging readers with a first person account of the 'Bar's past, present, and future. Obviously vying to become one of our favorite websites, Americana UK also delivers a recent Road Movies Review. Mark Phillips declares: "Honeyed mellowness drips out of almost every groove, a visceral down to earth blues quality the counterpoint, and blinding pop songs fly at you in packs."

Speaking of flying, you can fly the friendly skies with Minibar this spring. Passengers aboard United Airlines are treated to Minibar's rendition of "Choked Up" on the inflight Rock United channel. There's nothing better than hearing Mal's laughter and a favorite tune when your feet can't touch the ground. This surely gives a whole new meaning to the mile high club.

In our ongoing effort to "spookily" bring you New Record news, Burbank's Mad Dog Studios reports that Minibar has been cutting tracks with Producer/Engineer Dusty Wakeman in their spanking new iso booth. Christening by Minibar...we're sure it will never be the same.

The roads in California are certainly not too small for Minibar as they prepare to trek from Los Angeles to points north and south. See Upcoming Dates to plan your next few weeks accordingly and don't forget to check back soon for details on the gay fly massacre re-visited.

••• Alisa

Mar 30 02 Last week, Minibar fans from all around descended upon parts unknown--namely the Taix Lounge on Sunset--for the third Miles of Music showcase, which was a "rollicking success" says MoM correspondent Jeff Weiss. He also noted in his review of the MoM Showcase that we were a "rabid" lot, and having been there, I'm reluctant to disagree. Just look at this Fan Picture of Simon with Rami Jaffee, quite arguably their top supporter. Some equally warm moments in front of the fireplace can be viewed in Concert Photos, and you can find out what they played (all new songs, folks!) in Past Dates. While you're at it, check for Upcoming Dates too.

On the subject of the debut record, at last peek (peak) the CMJ college radio chart found Road Movies positioned at an impressive #104. "Minibar is another one of those anomalies afforded to the listener by the global village," begins this positive if not entirely glorifying Shinydiscs review. USA Today music critic Edna Gundersen would agree; she listed the band among her new favorites in an Online Chat last May.

As the band continues tracking at Chicasa and in their Monkees-style apartment, it seems the new record is finally beginning to materialize. As we reported earlier, one of the new tunes will be contributed to the Trampoline Records sampler, and thus our hopes to hear new 'Bar might be satisfied sooner than later. In a furious effort to help support the cause, we've begun to compile information on the New Record here.

••• Heidi

Mar 11 02 Happy Birthday to Minibar co-producer, Rami Jaffee! If you're in L.A. this week, cancel all plans for Wednesday night and head to the Viper Room. You won't want to miss Minibar and other assorted all stars (including Phil Cody and the Jukebox Junkies) at Rami's Viper Room birthday bash. Next up is a promising double header: Minibar and Gingersol at the Taix Lounge. Lucky Californians. As always, details are in Upcoming Dates.

Congratulations to Minibar who climbed to #114 in their second week on the CMJ college radio chart. An upcoming review in CMJ New Music Monthly issues a stern warning: "...don't miss the glorious still-life images of late nights, empty pockets and poetic afternoons that make Road Movies such a keeper."

More Minibar gush abounds on the world wide web. correspondent Amy Pickard raves, "Minibar are my latest fave and all of you should love and worship them." Right on, Amy. Read the rest of her LA Word column. Rob O'Connor rewinds 2001 to give the 'Bar a fond chug-a-lug at at Also check out where you can listen to some 'Bar tunes online and post your mini-adoration to tell the world what they've been missing.

New record fever continues! "The songs we did with Minibar turned out amazing. What a band!" comments co-producer Greg Richling in the fan forum. In another thread, Rami adds that Trampoline Records (newly formed by Jaffee, Marc Dauer, and Pete Yorn) will include one of these amazing new Minibar songs on the label's debut compilation, to be released later this year. Chin-chin to that.

••• Alisa

Feb 26 02 Thanks to massive help and belief from the good people at Tinderbox Music, Minibar's Road Movies made its debut at #146 on the CMJ college radio chart last week! Says the band: "We have never been on a chart before. We are very happy." For a list of radio stations playing the 'Bar, visit our newly devised Music section... On The Radio.

Another new fansite feature you'll want to scour is the Early & Unreleased page, where we've compiled all sorts of tidbits on Minibar songs that were either A) previously performed but never recorded, B) previously recorded and in limited release, C) previously recorded and subsequently destroyed, or D) finally vetoed-by-the-bass-player.

While were happily in attendance at a few of the most recent Past Dates, picture taking proved to be far too challenging for this drunken American. Not to mention that the band was British and the film was Japanese; the freshly acquired Russian camera was clearly confused. Alas, there is no proof of Sidney ever having worn that Mudflap Girl cowboy shirt!

••• Heidi

Feb 05 02 The ongoing Minibar sessions at Chicasa Studios have been, by all accounts, a towering success. The band continues recording this week, with co-producers Rami Jaffee and Greg Richling charting the course and engineer Bob Salcedo manning the controls. On their most recent masterpiece--"Unstoppable"--Simon gushes, "It is honestly the best thing we have ever done, sweeping strings, honky-tonk pianos, three drum kits, 14 guitar tracks!" What does he have to say about the studio crew? "Rami, Greg and Bob are a joy to work with, and it just sounds so good... I want it to go on forever."

Back by the popular demand of Largo-ers, solo Simon will return to the hushed club twice more in February, opening for local favorites David Garza and Jude respectively. If you regretfully missed last month's performance with the formidable Jon Brion, here are a couple of chances to redeem yourself. Go to Upcoming Dates to gather details.

The Ghost of Minibar Past paid a visit to the Discography recently. "Black Volcanic Sand" was Minibar's first single, and was released in the UK on the band's own Igloo Records in 1997. The ultra rare and collectible Limited Edition 7" single features original 'Bar drummer Mick Frangou. The B-side, "Blacktop" was reportedly recorded in Tim's bedroom in Wembley.

Luke Storey from Stewboss, on his current favorites and biggest influences: "I've been immensely into [Minibar]... I had a chance to see them [in L.A.] and they're just amazing, but they're on a really shitty record label, so it's doubtful anyone will ever hear of them, but they're opening for the Wallflowers actually, so they must have a shitty label but a good booking agent..." Read more of Stewboss's interview, which took place in Manchester in August of 2001.

••• Heidi

Jan 27 02 With 2002 having just begun, all signs point to another music-filled spring for Minibar fans. Reports from So Cal advise that the band is in the final stages of recording their follow-up to Road Movies. In fact, Minibar enters the studio this week with producers Rami Jaffee and Greg Richling (of the Wallflowers) for more recording sessions and, undoubtedly, daily doses of sushi.

Even with their busy recording schedule, there's still time for local gigs. The current issue of No Depression features a live review of the Bar's post-"Thanks"giving show at Largo. Reviewer Michael Berick writes about special show guests, the new tunes performed, and "Minibar's pleasing combination of easygoing twang and vigorous pop-rock." These fan-submitted Concert Photos will make you feel like you were there.

Speaking of being there, this wasn't Simon's most recent trip to Largo. By request of Hollywood luminary Jon Brion last week, solo Simon played an opening set for Brion's weekly performance at the posh pub. Future solo performances may be in the works, so stay tuned. Also, over the holidays the UK welcomed home Minibar--well, half of Minibar--to its own posh establishment, the Kashmir Klub in London. For dates and details of these and other recent shows, see Past Dates.

Although the prospect of a new record is tempting, Road Movies remains unforgettable. A review just in from accurately describes the debut album's uncanny ability to sound "better and better" the more one plays it. "British Midwest rock at its best" indeed.

Finally, just when you thought you had seen it all, a new website brings us ...a Minibar game! Stop by to shoot the Bushmills and other assorted alcohol out of the minibar, watch an animated "Holiday from Myself" video, and much more!

••• Alisa

Jan 15 02 Happy New Year from! A time for serious reflection and compiling of obligatory "Top 10" lists, Minibar has frequented the minds of many these days. For instance, Ink19 contributor Sean Slone assembled a Top 19-song Year-end Mix CD that finds "Six Foot" nestled comfortably between tracks by Ryan Adams and Grant-Lee Phillips (a fine threesome). For those opting for the slightly more obscure, Rick Cornell at Miles of Music offers his Year End Pop CD with Minibar's "Choked Up" among its many listenable tracks. Jen Kriesel of Bonanza Radio includes Road Movies on her Top 10 list, as does Dalet Brady in Billboard Magazine's Critics Choice.

Concert Photos and Assorted Photos have been updated! Delight in great performance shots from the Fillmore (Oct 12-13 01), and some intimate Simon moments at Largo Pub (Oct 24 01). Also see Random 'Bar for the Slim's plaid conspiracy, and more Fan Pictures from Slim's and the Fillmore.

A Portland-based website describes Minibar's sound as "relaxing, but still poignant" and Road Movies as "strong and sophisticated ...friendly." Read the rest of this review. Also, don't miss the new Fansite Q & A, a must-read chapter in your Minibar education.

Bushmills for everyone! Sid Jordan celebrated his whiskey-soaked birthday on the 13th.

••• Heidi

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