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Dec 19 01 At long last, Chuzzler's Mini-Bio is complete. Happy belated birthday Tim!

"Less fluff, more filling" describes a review of Minibar's House of Blues opening set for the Old 97s. Read more about the 'bar's dynamic live performance according to In Music We Trust. Also don't miss CD Shakedown's October review of Road Movies.

While you're here, gaze at some newly acquired exquisite Concert Photos from superfan-photographer Suze Dodd. For more Minibar gush (including a Mini-Flash Postcard and photos from Largo and the Mint) go to G9 'on the town'.

That's all. Carry on.

••• Alisa

Nov 25 01 It took a field trip to Santa Monica, but the Sid Jordan Mini-Bio has finally been retrieved--and was disturbingly worth the wait. Don't miss Minibar plus Ben Peeler at Largo this week, see Upcoming Dates for details on this and more.

••• Heidi

Nov 10 01 According to Simon, "We're getting our new album together, recording and releasing it as soon as possible." Check out E! Online to read more.

Once again proves that they know music and they know Minibar with their nomination of Road Movies for "Album of the Year." Cast your vote by emailing Go Bar!

An inquiring fan asks about Minibar manager, Robert Starks. Head over to Fansite Q & A to learn more about the Brit who keeps these boys in line.

Going through Minibar withdrawal? See Upcoming Dates and make plans to see them soon!

••• Alisa

Oct 28 01 "You can play my records..." Minibar's "Choked Up" appeared in a flashback scene in the season premiere of UPN 44's hit teen show "Roswell." (Now wouldn't "Visible From Space" have been more thematic?) Check out episode 301, "Busted!" at this Roswell Music webpage. From TV to radio, BBC Radio 2's hip music veteran Bob Harris--stateside, he's comparable to Vin Scelsa--is well known for his delicious spins, and recently he's been playing morsels from Road Movies such as "Holiday From Myself" and "I Know Without Asking." Visit the Bob Harris Show online for playlists, contact information, and more. Unsuspecting diners at Island's Fine Burgers and Drinks and Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Spirits have reported hearing Minibar tunes piped overhead during their casual dining experience. It doesn't get anymore Americana than that, folks.

Minibar has been nominated for "Best New Artist of 2001" at, who once called Road Movies "a timeless set of rock tunes worthy of the label 'milestone.'" Email your vote to, and visit for more on the awards.

To be notified of website updates and more, put yourself on our guestlist.


••• Heidi

Oct 14 01 Broken strings, blistered fingers, and Sid's multi-city female fanclub... by all counts Minibar's tour with the Old 97s has been a smashing success. Fans from Missouri to the Golden Coast have been rocking to Road Movies favorites along with a plethora of unreleased treasures and concert debuts. As the tour winds down in So Cal this week, you'll find the setlists and other show info in Past Dates. Remarkable fan-submitted Concert Photos from Portland's Crystal Ballroom serve as further proof that the 'Bar is looking as good as they sound, and they're sounding sublime!

On a long-distance phoner from the road, Simon spoke to journalist Yoshi Kato about the making of Road Movies and his affection for Timmy's ironing board... er, pedal steel. Read what else the San Jose Mercury News concludes is "instrumental to Minibar's sound."

••• Alisa

Oct 03 01

All the roads at home were too small, and then they found themselves in Kansas. "I don't think we're in California anymore, Sidney," was no doubt uttered in the Minibus somewhere along the interstate (that's motorway, to you). Keep up with the rest of the Minibar/Old 97s tour here; and don't forget to share your photos if you are lucky enough to catch the shows. Speaking of which, here's something beautiful to behold! Stunning new Concert Photos recently contributed by Minibar's chief photographer, Christine Lozano.

A true gem for those who weren't hip to the 'Bar in the early days: Em One, a writing and music publication from February of 1997, just added to the Discography page. The first of the Em compilations, Em One featured a Minibar song entitled "The Secret Life of Benny Hill" and garnered rave reviews. "Better than sex, and longer lasting, at two and a half minutes," editor/publisher Karl Sinfield remarked of the Minibar contribution. You can read other reviews, listen to a 30-second clip of the song, and purchase this and other Em releases at Em Writing and Music online.

Music reviewer Devon Powers on Road Movies: "The folksy ways of this London-cum-California outfit have a belly-warming zeal; musically it's straightforward and lyrically it's honest. All in all, this collection of songs is a hearty aural stew, savory and good to the last drop." Read the rest of his superb PopMatters testimonial. While you're at it, don't miss the other recently added findings from Bullz-eye and Synthesis.

••• Heidi

Sept 16 01 In an attempt to escape the moth infestation that plagues the Minibar household, the band is heading out on tour with the Old 97s in October. Check out Upcoming Dates for details as they're confirmed.

Though Tim and Sid have tarried on their Mini-bios, we're preparing ourselves to forgive them. Stop by soon for more on these delinquents!

P.S. Happy Birthday Heidi!

••• Alisa

Aug 21 01 Congratulations to the band for their New Times L.A. Music Awards 2001 nomination! Road Movies is up for "Local Album of the Year - Major Label" along with recent offerings from Tool, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rufus Wainwright, and Weezer. The awards ceremony and artist showcase will take place at the El Rey Theater on October 11th. You can vote for your favorite (cough, Minibar!) online at the New Times L.A. Music Awards 2001 website.

Thanks to everyone for their recent contributions! See new Concert Photos and Fan Photos from the House of Blues and Slim's, and a newly confirmed September show in Upcoming Dates. Also see the new Fansite Q & A for details behind the band's name.

••• Heidi

Aug 09 01 Race over to Malcolm's Mini-Bio and have a chat with our darling Super Cross.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back with a 'Bar tune on their soundtrack! The Ryan Adams penned "Choked Up" was included on the Universal Records release. Check out the Discography for a full track listing and more.

In an effort to live up to Simon's "best website" award and prove that Minibar Fans are generally cooler than most other people, we're introducing... Minimail addresses! You can have your own Web-based email account care of Just choose a Username ( and send it to us at Once we set it up for you, you'll be able to access your account with Minibar Webmail.

Ciao for now!

••• Heidi

Aug 03 01 It's time to get lost in the Petty details. Simon's Mini-Bio is here!

Minibar continues to watch the land unfurl in California. See Upcoming Dates to find out exactly when and where you can catch them opening for Matthew Sweet.

Even if you're not their destination, you can talk about the shows and other mini-news with fellow fans. Join the new Yahoo! Group and the Email List.

If you still can't enough of the 'Bar, read about the "mellow, soothing fashion" of their harmonies in Daily Variety. Also check out the gallery for new Fillmore memorabilia and take a trip to the past to see some 1997 White Horse photos. Enjoy!

••• Alisa

Jul 28 01 Last night, an enthusiastic crowd at the Fillmore Auditorium welcomed Minibar back for their second performance at the legendary San Francisco venue. Check Past Dates for the setlist and view some mind-altering photographs--after all, it is the Fillmore--of the band in action at the Concert Photos gallery. It's almost as good as being there! Also see new additions from the most recent gig at Slim's, and the Assorted Photos for new fan pictures, thanks to an attractive gang of dedicated 'Bar followers. (Keep 'em coming!)

A hip concert reviewer asks: "Have you ever seen a band perform live so beautifully that you wished you could lock them up in your pocket to take them with you to have them available to play on command performances?" Ooh. We're all over it, Christine! Read the rest of her April review in the Long Beach Union. And in just-added record reviews, Revolver and both declare Road Movies a "timeless" offering from a promising band of crafty songsters.

Sid's Crossword progress report: 3 correct answers.

••• Heidi

Jul 24 01 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALCOLM! Our favorite drum-bar celebrated his birthday on the 22nd. Cheers!

Speaking of Mal, read the latest Fansite Q & A for reason to love "Choked Up" even more than you already did.

Has Minibar been in permanent rotation in your CD player this summer? You're not the only one! The Tip Sheet aptly describes Road Movies as "the soundtrack to the summer." Several other reviews have recently found their way to See additions from Creative Loafing, HITS Magazine, and No Depression to read more glowing words about your favorite new band. Stay tuned for more soon...

••• Alisa

Jul 21 01 What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than re-living the Friday night before? The Minibus brought the band back to Slim's last night, much to the delight of Bay Area fans who packed the small club. See Past Dates for the setlist, and Concert Photos for some awesome pictures from the performance.

Speaking of pretty pictures, let's backtrack to the Mountain Winery, where the Wallflowers Webcam had some fun with the 'Bar during their stay in Saratoga. You'll find those in Assorted Photos, along with a few happy fan photos from the shows.

You might notice that we've added a new Gallery section for Miscellaneous Images like posters, flyers, ticket stubs, autographed items, and other things people may want to share. To kick it off, the band signed a Fillmore flyer (with artwork by Mal) for next week's show with Mother Hips.

I must say, our email has been quite explosive these days! Thanks to all who have been in contact, shared photos and setlists, and submitted their questions for the Fansite Q & A. It seems we're all looking for more dirt on the rhythm section! Until next time, folks... I'll be working on Sid's Crossword puzzle.

••• Heidi

Jul 18 01 Thanks to one of Minibar's top L.A. supporters, last night's setlist was added to Past Dates. As always, Largo-ers were the recipients of a fantastic set, complete with a few unreleased gems!

As budding 'Barflies, there's a lot we want to know about the band and their music. We'd love to try and find the answers to some of your questions, too. See the Fansite Q & A for this newly-added feature.

A recent review calls Road Movies "a record that marries wispy English romanticism with alternative country while bringing out the best of both worlds." That's what we're talking about! Read the Louisville Scene review for more.

••• Alisa

Jul 14 01 We're still trying to get everything moved into the new digs, but watch this page for updates as they occur. The band members are hard at work, too--constructing all new rock star personas for their Mini-Bios as we speak. (We think they're fighting over who gets to be the cute one.)

For now, check out the Concert Photos and Calendar sections for lots of good stuff from Minibar's recent 5-show stint with the Wallflowers. Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

••• Heidi

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