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Photo: Stephen Albanese

Mini-Bio: Super Cross (2004)

In 2001 you answered the question, what is your greatest Minibar moment to date. How would you answer that question now?
Leaving the Minibar apartment!

Do you have a favorite track on Fly Below the Radar?
"Martha" was recorded so simply at home, but sounds so good! Plus it's a great song (nice one Sid.)

What's in your CD player right now?
Ron Sexsmith 'Retriever' - the boy just keeps getting better.

What movie has the best soundtrack?
I still think 'The Empire Strikes Back' is pretty amazing.

What lyric do you wish you had written?
"Meteorologically speaking, we hardly ever grumble or groan..." ('Wombling in the Rain', Mike Batt.)

Did you have any pets growing up?
Hampsters and Stick Insects (not in the same cage.)

What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?
Chocolate/spice swirl, fudge topping, like my Mum makes.

What embarrassing childhood story would your sibling(s) tell us about you?
Too many to mention - using rocks and soil in place of washing detergent perhaps?

What did you learn about the music business from your time with Universal?
It's all business, forget about the music.

If forced, would you rather watch Yo! MTV Raps or Headbanger's Ball?
I've never watched either. 'Yo!' sounds cooler.

What's in the perfect sushi roll?
Anything you've had to wrestle to death yourself.

What's your guilty pleasure?
Nutella and instant chai in the morning.

Which reality TV show could you win? Which reality series could your bandmates win?
I dunno - we don't really fight enough for it to be great viewing, we're rather genteel; 'after you dear chap', 'no no, after you'...

What's the biggest improvement that "Pimp My Ride" could make to the Minibar van?
Instant matter transfer - Star Trek style. Or some kind of flying ability.

When you moved to the U.S., what was the biggest surprise about American culture?
You spend all your time in TV/movies stereotyping Brits as being really uptight - then it turns out you guys are twenty times more repressed about everything.

If you weren't a musician, what do you think you would you be doing? What jobs would you suggest for your bandmates?
For me: professional lion tamer. For them: backup dancers.

It's xxxx year (you decide) and you're a festival promoter. What bands would you book for an amazing summer show?
I'd probably start by calling up everyone who's been featured on the Trampoline compilations (except for Liz Phair, obviously.)

What shocking fact will be revealed when Minibar is featured on VH1's "Behind the Music"?
We don't actually sing or play any of the music on our records!!

Photos by Heidi Ferguson, except #4 by Tim Walker

Mini-Bio: Super Cross (2001)

When and where were you born?
July 22nd, 1974, Hemel Hempstead

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
One older sister, Fiona (a musician too!)

Who were your favorite bands when you were growing up?
Madness (first single), The Wombles, Earth Wind & Fire, Gentle Giant, Level 42, Peter Gabriel, Prince and the Revolution, the Beatles...

What was your first and/or favorite experience as a concert-goer?
Probably an orchestral gig with my school... Fave gig was either Prince aftershow jam at the Astoria, Snowboy and the Latin Section at Schmolenskys (both London '94) or maybe Radiohead in Houston TX '97

Other than being a musician, what jobs have you held?
Teacher, Tour Guide, Dishwasher, Shop Assistant

How and when did you join Minibar?
I met Simon through a mutual friend at college, formed band 'Stickiwickit' '92 which amicably disbanded '95. After Mick Frangou's (original 'Bar drummer) decision not to come to the US I was invited in for a few rehearsals and officially joined Winter '98.

What has been your greatest Minibar moment to date?
Anytime the band feels supertight musically or socially.

What drummers have influenced you the most?
Too many drummers! Ringo Starr profoundly, but also; Mitch Mitchell, Joe Morello, Harvey Mason, Stevie Wonder, Zigaboo Modeliste, Stuart Copeland, John Wethers...

What is your songwriting process?
I'll get an idea anywhere, anytime and it'll just bug me and bug me until I have to sit down at a piano and figure it out.

Is there an artist that you'd like to collaborate with?
On the whole I think co-writing is a bad idea unless the person is a close friend, really on the same wavelength.

Do you have a favorite track on Road Movies?
It changes, but I've always had a soft spot for "Cool Water."

What is your favorite song to perform live?
"So Long Soho"; not just for the end section but also the dynamics in the main part of the song.

What is in your CD player right now?
Something/Anything? by Todd Rundgren

If you could go back to any moment in musical history, when would you choose and why?
To have lived through '66-'76 with unlimited airmiles between the UK and US; a real golden age for music I think.

What do you like to read?

Which fictional character do you most identify with and why?
Luke Skywalker for his complex spiritual journey (obviously.)

What adjective would you use to describe the other Minibar members?
Complex (Sid), Stubborn (Si), Patient (Tim)

What do you miss most about England?
Family and friends.

Is there a household item that you can't live without?

Who do you think would win a game of "Rock & Roll Jeopardy" against your bandmates?
Sid; he knows everything about everything.

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